ALBATROSS – 7314- Elite Seated Row (ELITE)



  • Frame color: Customized
  • Upholstery color: Customized
  • N.W.: 238kgs/525lbs
  • G.W.: 248kgs/547lbs
  • Installation size: 1465*1020*1610mm/58*40*63 in
  • Weight stacks90kg-18pcs/198lbs-18pcs
  • Muscle: Dorsal



  • Main frame adopts 75*130*3.0mm semi-elliptic pipe, Functional area adopts 58*101*3.0mm semi-elliptic pipe, movement arms adopt 48*76*3.0mm semi- elliptic pipe, joint pipe adopts 70*140*3.0mm rectangular pipe.
  • The whole machine is designed according to the principle of Ergonomic to ensure the scientific movement angle.
  • Double trajectory structure; Single arm movement.
  • Alloy steel guide rod to ensure smooth movement,
  • Full shroud, aluminum alloy edge. Wire cable inside the pipe
  • Anodized aluminum alloy end cap, durable and looks nice.
  • Cushion with MC foaming filler, PU leather, and integral ABS guard cover.
  • Cushion with gas spring adjustment system, safe and convenient.
  • Stainless steel universal joint, effectively protect the wrist during exercise.
  • Patented internal stopping location structure for Movement arm,
  • Chest pad can be adjusted forward and backward, and it is also flexible to match with your body perfectly. super-equal-length training can be performed due to the long movement track.

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